You may have come across one of my posts on social media, or found one of my courses in a Google search - but do you know everything that is available via Your OT Tutor?

I've been working hard to create a range of clinical education resources, courses, live sessions and supervision and consultancy services to be able to help as many OTs as I can! I also know that OTs can't do what they do best unless there is a great support team around them, so a lot of my services and resources are designed to help managers too.

Whether you are an OT student, sole trader OT, OT working within a company, or a non-OT employing OTs, this session is for you! You are welcome to explore everything via the website, or come along to this session to hear about everything and ask me your questions.

So, what will we cover in the session?

In the session I'll tell you all about these Your OT Tutor resources, courses and services:

1. Social media posts

2. Downloadable clinical resources

3. Free webinar and Zoom session recordings

4. On-demand library of courses via a Learning Management System

5. Online journal club for OTs

6. Supporting students during clinical placements

7. Clinical supervision for individuals and groups

8. Consultancy services for business owners and OT managers

9. Collaboration opportunities for joint projects and information sharing

10. The YOTT Alliance - a monthly membership that combines the best of everything!

For individual OTs and OT students, these resources and services will help you be a better OT who loves what they do through focusing on core skills and knowledge transferable across a range of settings.

If you are an OT manager, accessing these resources and services can save you or your senior clinicians valuable time and head-space, while ensuring your staff have access to high quality support to provide the best possible outcomes for your clients.

You'll also have the opportunity to ask me any questions you might have or to book in a time for a 1:1 chat to discuss your needs.

I'll see you there!




Clare, with this course you've really set the industry standard. I've completed just about every course on FCA for OT's out there and this is by far the most in-depth, presented in such a systematic and clear way - the effort you've put into making this course is abundantly clear, and honestly I'm so grateful that you've created this to kindly share with your professional network. This course gets a solid 5/5 for me - thank you so so much! :)

Anonymous Occupational Therapist

Clare's dedication to facilitating growth in skills and knowledge is unparalleled, reflected in her mission to 'help occupational therapists to LEARN, GROW, and EXCEL.' Her expertise in how to best support OT students during placements in almost unparalleled in Australia. Equally impressive is her generosity with her time, connecting people to resources and individuals that can further their careers. Clare is indeed a vital asset to our profession.

Dave J - Director and Occupational Therapist

I commend Clare for her ability to effectively communicate complex concepts and create an engaging learning environment. Her passion for empowering clinicians and ensuring high-quality assessments that align with the core principles of the NDIS is truly commendable....I have found Clare to be approachable and responsive, always willing to provide answers and support when needed. Overall, Clare is an invaluable asset to any educational program or training initiative.

Kumar E - Principal Occupational Therapist

As a busy practice owner, I’ve absolutely loved having this resource available for my new grads . Even though I’ve got plenty of my own guides and sample FCA reports to share with them , what I lack is time to sit down and go through these step by step to make sure they truly understand the process. The 8 hours worth of online learning has been a massive investment for me and a valuable resource for my team. Thank you Clare Batkin!

Angie C - Director and Occupational Therapist

Clare has been an invaluable resource for me as a new graduate OT - I regularly check her business page: Your OT Tutor and have recommended my colleagues do the same for easy to digest updates and tips! Clare has gone out of her way to assist me with my CPD portfolio and provided me with such a helpful template to use (a life saver!). Clare is extremely helpful, approachable, and very responsive despite her busy schedule.

Brodie S - New Graduate OT

Clare has done a fabulous job with spearheading 'Your OT Tutor', a journal club that has really helped me stay up to date with the current evidence on topics directly relevant to my practice. Her approach is comprehensive yet practical, given how time-poor clinicians often are, and I am very much looking forward to our 2023 sessions. I highly recommend Clare to other OTs - those starting out as well as others who are more established in the profession - she is an absolute asset to both.

Natalie J - Owner & Principal Occupational Therapist