The ultimate Online course that teaches you how to complete a functional capacity assessment (FCA) step-by-step!

This course has over 5 HOURS of recorded content including...

  • - Module 1 - Introduction

  • - Module 2 - Pre-assessment planning

  • - Module 3 - Interview questions

  • - Module 4 - Home environment assessment

  • - Module 5 - Functional observations

  • - Module 6 - Standardised assessments

  • - Module 7 - Recommendations

  • - Module 8 - Report writing

  • - Module 9 - Case study: Brian (Multiple sclerosis)

  • - Module 10 - Case study: Veronica (Bipolar disorder)

You'll also get ALL these FREE downloads...

  • - Course workbook

  • - Case study workbook

  • - Course transcript

  • - The Your OT Tutor Functional Capacity Assessment Process flowchart

  • - Standardised assessments guide

  • - FCA report writing tips handout

  • - FCA report guide

  • - CPD Reflection template (pre-filled!)

  • More may be added in the future!

Why choose this course!?..

  • - A step-by-step process to help you approach FCAs in a systematic way

  • - Case study examples and activities built into each module to help you actively learn!

  • - Option to test your knowledge with quizzes at the end of each module

  • - A HEAP of downloadable resources

  • - Choose which topics you watch and when, and track your progress

  • - On demand online content 24/7 for 6 months

  • - Have your questions answered and receive peer support through the online community

  • - If you watch all the videos, do all the activities, and read all the resources, it is approximately 8 hours of CPD!!

Here's what people are saying...

Clare, with this course you've really set the industry standard. I've completed just about every course on FCA for OT's out there and this is by far the most in-depth, presented in such a systematic and clear way - the effort you've put into making this course is abundantly clear, and honestly I'm so grateful that you've created this to kindly share with your professional network. This course gets a solid 5/5 for me - thank you so so much! :)


This course is focused on completing Functional Capacity Assessments with ADULT participants.

Make sure you read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions prior to purchasing (you can find them on the Your OT Tutor website); by making this purchase you are declaring that you agree with these policies.

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Still not sure? Here's what other OTs are saying...

"I’m a new graduate OT and have just completed your FCA course. Thank-you for creating such a detailed and thorough course, I feel much more confident in being able to tackle FCA’s in the future! Please keep creating more resources and courses like this!"

"As an experienced clinician, I have really enjoyed completing the course to help refresh my knowledge and practice skills! I’m looking forward to updating my report template and using the strategies you teach. It was very well presented! "

"I've found your resources SOOOOOO SOOOOOO helpful. Your course is the first one of it's kind that I've seen. I love your content, presentation style and the comprehensiveness."

"I found it very helpful, and it doesn’t feel as scary now! Thanks so much for all these resources."

"Your FCA course was amazing. Well done!"

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