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Introducing Clare Batkin...

Hi! I am an experienced occupational therapist that is passionate about clinical education, knowledge translation, quality improvement and research (#OTnerd!). I am dedicated to inspiring allied health professionals to engage in life-long learning, and love facilitating clinical education in all forms.

I have experience as a clinical educator in hospital, community, and university settings. My clinical areas of expertise include working with adult clients with a range of physical impairments, including neurological, orthopaedic, burns, surgical, hand therapy and age-related conditions. Finding ways to help new graduate therapists bridge the gap between what they learn at university, and what they need to know for clinical practice, is a particular area of interest.

If you'd like to find out how YOUR OT TUTOR can help you or your OT team, get in touch today!

Why work with Clare?

  • Over 14 years' experience working as an occupational therapist and still providing clinical services to clients - I'm up to date with the challenges experienced by therapists today.

  • Extensive experience as a clinical educator within university and clinical settings - I understand everyone learns differently and can tailor my approach to suit your learning needs.

  • Calm, encouraging approach to teaching - I'm friendly and approachable so you can feel comfortable to ask any 'silly questions' without judgement.

  • Dedicated to helping you succeed - If I don't have the expertise you need, I'll help you find someone who does.

  • Proven dedication to achieving high-quality outcomes - I have experience presenting at international and national conferences and have published my work in a peer-reviewed journal.

  • Understands life is busy! - I'm a working mum myself so understand the importance of making learning as accessible and efficient as possible so you can fit it into your own busy schedule.


Many OTs have found work life to be tough, for a long time, and for a number of reasons, but I’ve got a great plan to try to change this…

I reached out to Julie Carlile and we hosted a FREE webinar titled “Beyond Burnout: Towards Personal and Professional Resilience.”

We were also be joined by some awesome OTs including: Leesa Tuffnell, Dave Jereb, Kimberley Gadd, Brad Williams, Averil McInnes, Holly Gawthorne, and Sarena Jones.

The recording and a range of resources are now available!!



Do you wish you had a kit of resources to help make hosting student placements a whole lot easier?

Then you have two options:

1. Buy my Clinical Educator Starter Kit (keep scrolling to the next section of the website).

2. Join the 5-day challenge and I'll coach you through how to get started with your own kit!


Purchase today to download a range of templates, guides, and learning resources to help you improve the efficiency and quality of the clinical placement opportunities you offer to OT students.


Come along to a FREE drop-in Zoom session on the following topics. If you can't make the live session, send me your questions beforehand and you'll get access to a recording and/or any resources.

Would you like another FREE resource?

The “Choosing the Right Job for Me” workbook is a planning and reflection resource, to help OTs consider what they are looking for in a job, reflect on what has and hasn’t worked for them in the past, and to keep track of their actions and plans during the job-hunting process.

The OT Guide to Completing a Functional Capacity Assessment online course is here!

Have you recently started in an NDIS caseload and are having trouble getting your head around what a Functional Capacity Assessment is and how to do them efficiently and effectively?

Even if your workplace offers training in how to do FCAs, it may be limited to a short tutorial or zoom webinar. This course is different - it is over 5 hours of video content PLUS built in activities and quizzes to help you develop and test your clinical reasoning. If you watch all the videos, do all the activities, and read all the resources, it is approximately 8 hours of CPD!!

Here's what OTs are saying:

Clare, with this course you've really set the industry standard. I've completed just about every course on FCA for OT's out there and this is by far the most in-depth, presented in such a systematic and clear way - the effort you've put into making this course is abundantly clear, and honestly I'm so grateful that you've created this to kindly share with your professional network. This course gets a solid 5/5 for me - thank you so so much! :)

To find out more, check out the video below, or click on the button to sign-up for instant access.

Watch a FREE session of the

Your OT Tutor Journal Club!

Are you interested in attending Your OT Tutor's online Journal Club in 2023, but not sure if it's right for you or your team?

Click on the link below to access a recording of a trial session. The article reviewed was a systematic review on the OT role in sleep management. The session starts with an overview of the article and a "research fundamentals tip", followed by a discussion about how we can translate the research evidence into our clinical practice.

By clicking on the link, you'll also be given FREE access to the Your OT Tutor Learning Management System, so you can test-drive how everything works!



Find the Your OT Tutor service that's right for you!

Consulting and Tutoring Services

Clare can provide one-on-one or group training for individual OTs or OT teams, on selected topics. Consulting services are also available if you'd like help to tidy up or establish your own in-house CPD program. Services are goal-focused and flexible to suit your individual needs.

NB Services are focused on achieving specific learning goals rather than clinical supervision.

Your OT Tutor Learning Library

The Learning Library contains online learning courses and other resources on a variety of topics. Some items are available to download for free, while others can be purchased and immediately accessed with a few simple clicks.

NB The Learning Library is currently under construction - resources are now available, but if you're after something that's not there, let us know via the enquiry form.

Your OT Tutor Online Journal Club

Journal clubs are a great way to learn from peers and stay up to date with evidence-based-practice, while also ticking off some CPD hours. The Your OT Tutor Journal Club allows you to attend fully facilitated sessions or use the fully prepared resources and coaching to run your own in-house journal club.

NB Recorded sessions are now available, with live sessions released each month!


Clare, with this course you've really set the industry standard. I've completed just about every course on FCA for OT's out there and this is by far the most in-depth, presented in such a systematic and clear way - the effort you've put into making this course is abundantly clear, and honestly I'm so grateful that you've created this to kindly share with your professional network. This course gets a solid 5/5 for me - thank you so so much! :)

Anonymous Occupational Therapist

As a busy practice owner, I’ve absolutely loved having this resource available for my new grads . Even though I’ve got plenty of my own guides and sample FCA reports to share with them , what I lack is time to sit down and go through these step by step to make sure they truly understand the process. The 8 hours worth of online learning has been a massive investment for me and a valuable resource for my team. Thank you Clare Batkin!

Angie C.

Director and Occupational Therapist

I highly recommend Clare Batkin, known as 'Your OT Tutor,' for her outstanding commitment to the OT community in Australia. Through newsletters, webinars, and a journal club, she expertly supports OTs of all levels and also supports those who employ them. Clare's dedication to facilitating growth in skills and knowledge is unparalleled, reflected in her mission to 'help occupational therapists to LEARN, GROW, and EXCEL.' Her expertise in how to best support OT students during placements in almost unparalleled in Australia. Equally impressive is her generosity with her time, connecting people to resources and individuals that can further their careers. Clare is indeed a vital asset to our profession.

Dave Jereb - Occupational Therapist and owner - MoveAbout Therapy Services

Clare has been an invaluable resource for me as a new graduate OT - I regularly check her business page: Your OT Tutor and have recommended my colleagues do the same for easy to digest updates and tips! Clare has gone out of her way to assist me with my CPD portfolio and provided me with such a helpful template to use (a life saver!). Clare is extremely helpful, approachable, and very responsive despite her busy schedule.

Brodie S.

New Graduate Occupational Therapist

Clare has done a fabulous job with spearheading 'Your OT Tutor', a journal club that has really helped me stay up to date with the current evidence on topics directly relevant to my practice. Her approach is comprehensive yet practical, given how time-poor clinicians often are, and I am very much looking forward to our 2023 sessions. I highly recommend Clare to other OTs - those starting out as well as others who are more established in the profession - she is an absolute asset to both.

Natalie J.

Occupational Therapy Practice Owner

Clare possesses exceptional knowledge and expertise in this field, along with a deep understanding of NDIS guidelines and regulations. I commend Clare for her ability to effectively communicate complex concepts and create an engaging learning environment. Her passion for empowering clinicians and ensuring high-quality assessments that align with the core principles of the NDIS is truly commendable. Clare demonstrates excellent organizational skills, ensuring that training materials are up-to-date and staying informed about the latest developments in FCA practices. She is dedicated to providing accurate and relevant information to clinicians. I have found Clare to be approachable and responsive, always willing to provide answers and support when needed. Overall, Clare is an invaluable asset to any educational program or training initiative.

Kumar Ebenezer

Occupational Therapy Practice Owner - Guided Support Services